My Dreams and Me

By Emilio S. Cot

About My Dreams and Me

There’s a complex science behind dreaming, but this book is not about that. It is about my experiences – love, romance, sex, violence, conflict, fear, work, socializing, and recreation – and how they emerge in my dreams.

My understanding of who I am was shaped by analyzing these dreams. In the end, it is a book for anyone, academicians and lay people alike, who wants to learn more about themselves, as we all live; we all experience; we all sleep and we all dream. Let this book be an encouragement to the readers to think about their life through the prism of their own dreams.

What makes this book possible is the volume of vivid dreams that I had and the luck to be able to (and tenacity to) remember, record and explain each dream in detail.

And as I finished this book, I was surprised and thrilled by what I saw unfold and I think many people will enjoy my ride and also learn something about their dreams, their lives.

Looking back, I realize now I have been through a lot, but that I turned out OK. Maybe you’ll find the same thing about yourself.

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  • Fascinating! If dreams pique your curiosity, Emilio Cot’s MY DREAMS and ME is a book for you. Extraordinarily candid, this dream diary leads readers through a full year of one man’s dream life. The result - an intimate tour of his private internal world - is a unique resource for therapists, teachers and students, and presents a challenge to all of us who dream.

    Suzanne Saldarini
    MA, LPC, NCPsyA
  • I had Emilio on my show and we discussed his book on air just before it was published. The subject matter was extremely interesting and my listeners and I are looking forward to reading the book.

    Ralph Romeo
    Radio Show Personality; WPAT NYC; SiriusXM
  • Emilio is a talented writer. He took a germ of an idea and crafted a book that begs to be read. He has a passion for writing and persisted in following his dreams to see his words printed on the page.

    Jamie Novak
    Author of Keep This, Toss That

Available March 1st, 2019

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Dream from JANUARY 29 (FRIDAY)

The house is almost dark, as it is sunset, and the lights are not on. It’s growing slowly, but eerily, darker and I am alone in a house that’s not really mine. But I must be living there, because I know where I am and I know what’s under the house.

I am worried and confused. I am waiting for the police to come and I am not sure how I am going to explain what they’ll find in the crawlspace.

Below me are the remains of someone who was killed...

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